Traveller's Fortress of Cloth

A small patch of canvas bordered in a frame of almond wood.

CrHe 25
R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Group
This small patch of canvas expands when a command word is spoken to create a large tent of waterproof canvas and wooden poles that is large enough to sleep 10 people. The canvas sides appear to grow out of surrounding vegetation, and erect and fasten themselves together. A Finesse roll determines the complexity and comfort of the tent; if the basic Ease Factor of 6 cannot be achieved then the tent leaks and has a musty smell, whereas an Ease Factor of 9 results in a pavilion of superior quality.

Time to create: 5 hours

(Base 1, +1M Touch, +3M Moon, +2M Group, +2M treated and finished product)

  • LT = 10 (Cr) + 0 (He) + 9 (MT) + 3 (Int) + 5 (Aura) + 3 (IG) + 13 (Fam.) +3 (almond) + 4 (dead wood) = 50
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