Whitburh Frithowebba of Guernicus

Driven out of her village in Shropshire as a child, Whitburh was found by a Quaesitor from the Rhine Tribunal and was apprenticed there. Upon completing her Gauntlet in 1178, she returned to Stonehenge, despite (or because of) her ingrained hatred of the Normans who rule England. At the Stonehenge Tribunal meeting of 1179 she met Ealwynn of Keswick; found a kindred spirit in the Bjornaer maga and moved to Horsingas. The only other Quaesitor in Loch Leglean died not much later, investigating rumours of collaboration between a covenant and the Order of Odin.

She was the only Quaesitor in Loch Leglean until Trutina joined Burnham in 1195; as Trutina tends to be withdrawn, Whitburgh is still the Quaesitor that comes to most magi's minds. As the senior Quaesitor, she has been able to cover up the more egregious excesses of Horsingas. She has gathered a lot of blackmail on the major covenants of the Tribunal (particularly Crun Clach and Clan Mac Gruagach). She has, so far, been unwilling to use this information, as a complaint by her targets to Magvillus would draw unwanted attention to Loch Leglean, and Horsingas would find itself in a very uncomfortable position. Whitburh tries to impress upon newcomers the importance of her friendship.

Whitburh hates the English (or, more accurately, the Normans) with a passion, which is one of the things that drew her to Horsingas, as they were founded to fight the Normans and overthrow William the Conqueror. She argued against thePact of Crun Clach, saying that since interference with mundanes was already a violation of the Code, they didn't need another document reinforcing that. She abstained when the vote was taken, however.

Whitburh's Familiar is a raven named Raedbora ("Counselor"), and she has picked Raedbora's delight in shiny objects and habit of "flicking" her arms. Her rooms are strewn with shiny objects she has filched or found, and the two can often be found examining their "treasures".

Whitburh is short, brunette, and rather heavy-built, with a prominent scar on her face which is assumed to stem from some childhood incident. She typically hides the scar with an Imaginem spell when meeting people for the first time, dealing with muggles, or wanting to make a good impression. She normally has the scar visible when acting as Quaesitor, however.

Main Information

Last Update: 1220
Age: 64 (Mature)
Apparent Age: 36
Year Born: 1156
Size: 0
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: English
Religion: Christian
Title/Profession: Maga/Quaesitor
Height: 5'4" (162 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Familiar: Raedbora (a raven)

Known Attributes

Very intelligent
Strong in Intellego
Strong in Perdo
Strong in most Forms (especially Animal and Imaginem)
Has mastered most, if not all, Quaesitorial spells

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