Arthur is a failed apprentice who preceded Angus under Nocturnus, and serves now as Angus' close companion.

Vital Statistics

Size: 0
Age:30 (spring/summer 1221)
Decrepitude:** 0
Warping Score: 0



Characteristic Score
Int 5
Per 0
Pre -2
Com 2
Str -1
Sta 2
Dex 0
Qik 0

Virtues and Flaws


Failed Apprentice (Minor, Social), Great Intelligence (minor, general), Great Intelligence (minor, general), improved characteristics (minor, general), improved characteristics (minor, general), Good Teacher(minor, general), Cautious with Magic Theory (minor, general), rapid Convalescance (Minor, General), tough (minor, general), common sense (Minor General)


depressed (minor, Personality), social handicap (Minor, social), poor concentration (Minor, General), Weak Willed(Minor, Personality), Low Self Esteem(Major, General), Dwarf (Major, physical)


Ability Specialization Score Experience
English Obsequiousness 5 0
Stratford Upon Avon Lore Hiding Places 2 0
Athletics Running 1 0
Awareness Alertness 1 0
Stealth Hiding 1 0
Survival Countryside 2 0
Latin Hermetic Usage 5 0
Artes Liberales Ceremonial Magic 1 0
Magic Theory Inventing Spells 5 0
Profession: Scribe Copying Summae 5 0
Profession: housekeeping Care of lab equipment 3 0
Philosophae Ceremonial Magic 4 10
Teaching gifted students 4 0
Single Weapon sword 0 4
Finesse using enchanted items 1 6
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