Background: Originally from Ireland, Finn has spent his life as an Academic in a country where Hermetic Magi, Druids, and Christian Monasteries did a fair job of getting along and sharing knowledge- until the English started their invasion. Finn decided he wanted to get away from the conflict, and when he heard that Insula Cararia was rebuilding its personnel he headed there straight away to seek a position.

Age:20 (1221)

Int 3 Per 1
Pre -2 Com 3
Str 0 Sta -2
Dex 0 Quick 0

educated(minor +1)
arcane lore(minor +1)
good teacher(minor +1)

fascination with magic(minor -1)
non combatant(minor -1)
obese(minor -1)

Gaelic 5
area lore(ireland) 3
English 2
Latin 5
artes Liberales 1
Magic Theory 4
teaching 4
Dominion Lore 4
profession: scribe 5
ink making 3

Teaching SQ:
1 student: 21
2 students: 18
3+ students: 15

Max class size: 20

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