This young man (age 15) has been raised in the covenant his whole life, the son of an unmarried serving woman. He ws picked on early in life due to his lack of a father, and quickly learned to defend his honor, as he perceived it, with his fists, until he went from being picked on to picking on others. He has a real talent for brawling, and for some reason his background resonated with Angus' assistant, who recruited him as a shield grog for Angus.

Int -2 Per 0
Pre 2 Com -2
Str 3 Sta 1
Dex 2 Quick 2

affinity with brawl(minor +1)
puissent brawl(minor +1)
good characteristics(minor +1)

bastard(minor -1)
bully(minor -1)
devoted child(minor -1)

Gaelic-insults 5
brawl-dagger 7+2 (1)
leadership-intimidation 4
stealth-shadowing 4

chain mail- full

Combat statistics:
combat stats
init 2
attk 14
def 12
dmg 6
soak 10

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